I made a lot of mixes this year but this one might be my favorite. COVID 19 pressured us find new ways to express ourselves. Without the energy I got from being in groups of people, I spent a lot of time at home: writing, cooking and listening to music. This mix is a compilation of sorts of my favorite music that I listened to in 2020 with a Christmas theme. Please listen to it with those close to you, be safe, and hope to see you all in 2021. – Airbear

Featuring tracks by New Rome, Jimmy Blanche @la_bestiole_records @stimarecords, @closetyi via @honeybadgerrecords, @yyetsubyy, @akimbosound @tonalunity, @kraejiyaeji, Sth. Notional @manu_archeo, @oowlhannal, @theavalanches, @sneaks_zia, @djlucalozano + @mrhodj, Powder via @esp_institute, @further.reductions, Alexandra @ilancitylife @spacetalkrecs, @ppatrickholland, @justice_der, and more ~